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Veröffentlicht am 22. Februar 2019





1. Let's Just Talk

2. This Is Beautiful

3. So Damn Cool

4. As You Let Go

5. Why

6. Back To My Place

7. What A Beautiful View

8. Good Strong Boat

9. No One Dies In Vain

10. It Just Kills Me

11. Bad Attitude

12. Anything But Over

13. Quietly Loving

Album: As You Let Go: Songwriting Sundays (CD)

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  • “Awesome work here! ...It was totally refreshing and the songs are lined up nicely ...Love your writing, the acoustic and piano. The simplicity of it all comes out well seasoned and earthy, totally charming."
    Vanessa Walterson - USA

    "...Boaaaaaaa! Back To My Place ist ein HIT!"
     Robert Der - Regensburg, Germany

    "Dein neues Album ist einfach: wonderful! …Alle Songs gehen unter die Haut.“
     Evelyn Hobert - Neuruppin, Germany

    "David THANK-YOU You have given me a great gift. Your voice! ...Your style is so unique. I feel you have become stronger in your things to say and my God you have a lot to say. I love every word of it. You are so clear and detailed in your expression. BRAVO!..."
    James Oliver -  Braunschweig, Germany


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